Physio service to Care Homes

Nursing and residential care homes offer wide scope for improving the lives of older people, many with long-term conditions. And there seems to be growing recognition of the role physiotherapy can play in maintaining residents’ mobility, preventing falls and training staff. Access to physiotherapy is not always direct, though, with types of provision varying from home to home.

A survey of 274 private nursing homes in England, Scotland and Wales in 2001 found only 10 per cent of residents received physiotherapy.

If you are not able to mobilise or having difficulty to mobilise since long, feel unbalance balance, Low in confidence, short term or long term condition effecting your mobility than Physio Assist’s physios can help you who will make rehabilitation programme for you, After Ax, Our physio will give you home exercises plan for strengthening muscles, improve balance and Stretching. Exercises are important to prevent pressure sores, joint stiffness, and risk of fall.